20'x40' Twin High-Peak Marquee Tent


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Product Information:

20'x40' Dual High-Peak Wedding Tent 

Marquee Frame tents are the premium option of tent. Their elegant styling and suspended center poles make them perfect for any classy event.

Why choose this tent over a "West Coast" Pole tent? Easy, there are a few reasons:

-They give you smooth high peaks characteristic of wedding tents.

-The side poles are 20' apart vs a pole tents legs being every 10'. Less legs on the tent makes it feel larger and more open.

-Pole Tents can only be setup on grass, while frame tents can be setup literally anywhere!! With frame tents grass, concrete, gravel, sand, or even indoor rubber flooring, there is nowhere it can't be set up.

-Frame Tents are perfectly safe in rainy conditions! Pole tents on the other hand rely solely on the rigidity of the ground, as soon as the ground turns to mud the pole tent is now at risk of collapse!! So from a safely aspect, Frame tents are the clear winner!

Sidewalls are available in Solid, Window, and Door. Any combination of the 3 can used. *Note- there are 6 sidewall sections for the 20'x40', the 2 long sections are comprised of 2 sidewall sections each, while the short side is comprised of 1 sidewall section each. Each sidewall section can be used independently! Meaning whatever you can imagine, we can create it!


Perfect for any event OR small to medium sized wedding.

Seating for up to:

150 Cathedral (Rows of chairs)

80 Buffet Style

64 Round Table                                        

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:


Space Needed:


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